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Kousei Kougami ([personal profile] tanjoubi) wrote2014-05-04 09:43 pm

ic inbox for neornithes

[ A woman's voice delivers the answering machine message. Kougami actually paid for a one-minute phone call so he could have his secretary record it for him. ]

"President Kougami is not currently available to take your call. Please leave a message and he'll get back to you as soon as he's able."
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You're the bloke to go to when it comes to cakes, am I right?
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I hope you're half as good as you make yourself out to be, mate.

See, I need somethin' for tomorrow. My girl's havin' one of those birhdays you love so bloody much and if there's sweets involved it's gotta be perfect. You any good at red velvet?
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You've got yourself a deal, cake man. Make it fancy, will ya?
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I'll hold you to that.

Her name's Ana. Lives in F-101.